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Finance Prospects

About Us



Why the Name?

Finance Prospects means opportunity, success and going forward. At Finance Prospects we aim to deliver what others cannot, a high level of customer service and focus! We are passionate about providing finance services and accommodating the needs of our clients.


A bias for urgency in every facet of our business combined with a high level of integrity and knowledge ensures the needs of our customers are met and satisfied. Finance Prospects does not focus on quantity but the quality of the financial services and products we deliver.


At Finance Prospects we select the product that best suits the needs of the client, and not the product
that best suits us ensuring we adhere to ethical and moral obligations. This level of integrity becomes evident during the inaugural stage of our relationship with the client and continues through to the development stage.


As the home loan market becomes increasingly complex and transient, selecting the right home loan to suit your specific needs and lifestyle can be overwhelming. At Finance Prospects we take the time to find you the most flexible and cost effective loan in today’s market.



As a director, hands on Finance & Mortgage Broker and with a passion for customer service and focus, Jessica Arabia drives Finance Prospects with a set emphasis on client relationships.


While maintaining a stable position in the finance industry and building industry networks, Jessica has established guidelines that allows her to satisfy the needs of her clients and continue servicing return and new customers.



  • Certificate IV in Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking)
  • Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management
  • Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia Full Member
  • Mortgage & Finance Association Approved Credit Advisor